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Flag CrimeWeb is a uniquely designed (patented) web based clearinghouse which allows information collected by public safety agencies nationwide to be quickly and efficiently distributed to citizens, news media organizations and other law enforcement agencies which may have an interest in the information. The CrimeWeb site provides six basic components or types of information to subscribers:

1. Missing Child Alerts
2. Missing Adult Alerts
3. Major Crime Alerts
4. Homeland Security Alerts
5. School Information Alerts
6. Community Information Alerts

The information regarding each type of alert is entered into the CrimeWeb site clearinghouse by a public safety agency using either a workstation or a mobile computer.

CrimeWeb uses a proprietary zip code system to allow a subscribing agency to distribute alerts anywhere in the country. Alerts can be sent to citizen subscribers in specific zip codes, up to 99 miles around a specific zip code or to all registered users located geographically between two zip codes.

The CrimeWeb clearinghouse will also allow citizens to provide feedback to the subscribing law enforcement agency if they have information or details regarding an incident that has been entered.

The CrimeWeb concept allows anyone in any community to instantly receive an alert via email. The system is also vastly more versatile than other systems on the market in that it does not require a law enforcement agency to purchase any hardware or software to begin to utilize the system. The only necessity is an Internet connection on an existing PC.

The CrimeWeb concept is also more powerful and effective than other existing systems in that it allows any person in the world who has an email address to register to receive information entered for any geographical area in the country. This feature may be particularly of value to children who wish to monitor the crime incidents of the community in which their elderly parents reside, or to parents who wish to be made aware of incidents that occur on a college campus or university their child may be attending. This ability to be instantly alerted on any relevant public safety incidents, regardless of where the subscriber is located, is a powerful advantage that the CrimeWeb notification system has over its competitors.

Protected by U.S. Patent #6,842,774 and #7,406,507. Other Patents Pending.
The CrimeWeb Service Mark is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Powered by's emergency notification system technology.