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Mission Statement
Mission Statement

To provide all law enforcement agencies in the nation with an effective, efficient and centralized web based clearinghouse that facilitates the exchange of public safety related information between law enforcement agencies, citizens and the news media.


The CrimeWeb concept was developed to provide a uniform, accessible Internet application that could be utilized by any law enforcement agency in the country to keep the citizens in the community it serves informed and protected. Until the creation of the CrimeWeb Internet site, most web based police applications were found to be reactive in nature rather than proactive. The creators of CrimeWeb felt that existing Internet technology could be used in a much more productive manner by law enforcement to distribute information to, and gather information from citizens, news media organizations and other law enforcement agencies.

Customer Problem

The goal in formulating the CrimeWeb concept was to take advantage of the potential of the Internet, as well as the move toward in-vehicle and field based wireless computer applications by law enforcement. By creating a centralized web site (clearinghouse) which can be used to disseminate emergency and non- emergency information (directly from the police vehicle as it happens, if necessary) it would be possible to relieve police administrators of the headaches caused by building and maintaining a web site that, in most cases, serves very little or no useful purpose. A privately built web site which disseminates any information which is input by any agency in the country by using zip codes and/or other geographical information allows police administrators to establish an effective web presence in their community and to reassign the manpower and resources previously used to maintain the departments less effective site back to the functions of crime reduction and detection.

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