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Registration to receive CrimeWeb alerts can be made FREE OF CHARGE by any individual, civic group, media organization or law enforcement agency. By completing the registration process to receive CrimeWeb alerts, the subscriber will receive all alerts entered in or between the registrant's specified geographical area by any law enforcement agency that subscribes to CrimeWeb and enters information for the requested area(s).

CrimeWeb users are permitted to register FREE OF CHARGE (as many times as they wish) to receive alerts for several areas of the country. For example, a registrant may initially request only the CrimeWeb alerts entered for the area in which they reside. At a later time the user may desire to receive CrimeWeb alerts entered for a retirement community (in another state) in which their parents reside. Still later, the user may wish to register for the CrimeWeb alerts entered for the college community in which their child will be living while attending school. In all these examples the CrimeWeb clearinghouse will provide immediate notification of any incident or communication that is entered into the CrimeWeb clearinghouse by the subscribing law enforcement agency responsible for each jurisdiction.

Any law enforcement agency in the nation can subscribe to the CrimeWeb site and receive authorization to upload information to the CrimeWeb clearinghouse directly from their police facility, or from the field using mobile or handheld devices. Each subscribing agency pays a minimal yearly subscription fee and in turn receives a password and identification number that enables the law enforcement entity to enter information.

Each law enforcement agency subscribing to the CrimeWeb clearinghouse is responsible for determining the type and amount of information it feels its community would be interested in receiving. For example, a large metropolitan area law enforcement agency may establish a policy of using the CrimeWeb clearinghouse to distribute information to its citizens only on major incidents such as missing or abducted children or adults, prowler/rapist related offenses, homicides, chemical spills, major road closures or evacuation procedures. A small rural law enforcement agency may choose to enter all offenses or incidents into the CrimeWeb clearinghouse such as bicycle thefts, residential street repairs or burglaries.

Both agencies may chose to use the CrimeWeb clearinghouse to inform the citizens within its jurisdiction of neighborhood crime watch meetings, or to issue crime prevention videos or information.

The flexibility of the CrimeWeb information distribution system allows it to be customized by a law enforcement agency of any size to meet the demands of its citizens for information.

The beauty of the CrimeWeb system lies in the fact that regardless of the size or policies of the subscribing law enforcement agency, the CrimeWeb clearinghouses will efficiently and effectively distribute the desired information to the community and allow for feedback to each agency for each CrimeWeb alert entered.

Policies for removal of incidents from the CrimeWeb clearinghouse database are established by CrimeWeb, and are available for review by law enforcement agencies at the time of subscription.

CrimeWeb presents no claim and assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information entered by subscribing law enforcement agencies or individuals who intentionally or unintentionally misuse the CrimeWeb site. CrimeWeb is not responsible for the content of CrimeWeb alerts. All individuals described, mentioned or referred to in any CrimeWeb alert as potential suspects are considered innocent unless convicted in a court of law.

At Crimeweb we are committed to safeguarding our customers' privacy. Our pledge is that we will never release your personal information to any third party without your consent.

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