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For the general public, CrimeWeb offers six basic services all of which are free: The alerts are delivered directly to the email address of a subscriber, based upon the agencies involved with CrimeWeb as well as specific criteria such as crime type or zip code that a subscriber may desire.

Law enforcement agencies will see several benefits from becoming a member of the CrimeWeb Network.

  • Not tied to pagers or fax machines that deliver information via phone lines allowing for fast and efficient delivery
  • Allows recipients to enter alerts from anywhere in the world, and receive alerts anywhere in the world
  • Keeps an archive of past alerts for easy searching
  • Facilitates interaction between departments and the public
  • Allows for data entry from a web enabled workstation, or with most models of mobile data terminals located in police vehicles.

Protected by U.S. Patent #6,842,774 and #7,406,507. Other Patents Pending.
The CrimeWeb Service Mark is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
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